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Sad news

Our dear DrawQuesters,

When we created DrawQuest, we had the simple dream of bringing creativity back into people’s daily lives. One year and 8 million drawings later, we’re blown away by how many of you share our dream, and by the incredible creativity you’ve displayed through our app.

While the app and community have come together in spectacular fashion, the business side of things hasn’t gone as we had hoped. You may not realize it, but DrawQuest represents thousands of work hours from a very talented seven-person team, who all need to put food on the table and a roof over their heads—and not to mention a small army of servers to keep the app running smoothly and Questbot happy.

Unfortunately after an amazing year, the realities of the business have led our team to go their separate ways, and as a result DrawQuest won’t see active development going forward. It’s our goal to continue to operate the service for as long as we’re able to pay the server bills (probably a few more months), but our upcoming update (v3.1.1) will likely be the last.

We’d like to personally thank all of you, our amazing community, for making the past year an absolute joy. Over 500,000 people joined us in our mission to spread the creative spirit, and we’re forever grateful for the feedback and support you’ve shown us. Although the team may be going their separate ways, they all go forward inspired by your work.

We hope you’ll all continue to spread the importance of daily creativity, and inspire those around you to draw more often. While DrawQuest may not be around next year, you all will be, and we hope you’ll leave the world a better, more creative place.

Your friends always,
The DrawQuest Team