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Important announcement: A recent security breach and the end of DrawQuest


It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must share two unfortunate pieces of news.

1. We were recently made aware of a security breach that affected all of our servers hosted with Amazon, which comprises the entirety of DrawQuest. The person(s) used our account to order hundreds of expensive servers, likely to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. When we detected this activity, we immediately locked down the account.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what, if any, information was accessed by the attacker(s). It’s possible they only used our account to order servers, however it’s also possible they accessed our database, and thus user e-mail addresses, encrypted passwords, and other information.

2. As a result of this breach, we will be shutting down DrawQuest effective immediately. With no full-time employees on staff to repair our infrastructure and ensure its integrity, we feel the only responsible path forward is to notify our users of the breach, and retire the service in order to prevent future breaches.

What does this mean for you?

First, we’d suggest you consider changing your e-mail account password, and the passwords of any services you connected with DrawQuest. Although DrawQuest account passwords were encrypted in our database using a modern, secure method called bcrypt, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To reiterate, we found no evidence of an attack targeting DrawQuest or its users directly, but since we’re unable to conduct a thorough investigation, we can’t know for sure what was accessed.

Second, we would like to offer an archive of all of your drawings, but are unsure of a timeframe when we can offer this. It may be weeks or months, but we’ll do our best to get it done, and will send out another e-mail if and when a downloadable archive is ready.

What does this mean for all of us?

It’s a very upsetting end to a long journey. Words cannot describe how crushed, embarrassed, and sorry our team is. Although all of our former employees have moved on to roles at other companies, it can safely be said that DrawQuest and the community occupies a large part of all of our hearts. We’ll do our best to facilitate DrawQuesters finding a new home by linking to new forums/apps on our social media pages, and are truly sorry such a wonderful community had to go this way.


—Team DrawQuest

PS: We’ll be sending an e-mail out about this shortly.